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Modupe, 14, a member of Youth Parliament.

Youth Parliament is a national organisation which gives young people aged between 11-19 a chance to represent the views of the young people. Parliament week is a great opportunity to bring people together to get a further understanding about parliament.UKyouth parliament are holding a debate at the House of Commons to decide on issues to focus on for the next year.


We interviewed a Member of Youth Parliament from our school (Riddlesdown Collegiate) to ask her about Youth Parliament and to see why she got involved.


How do you feel about getting into Youth Parliament?


I feel really happy and proud as all my hard work has paid off. Now I get to enjoy an amazing opportunity.


How did you get started as a member of Youth Parliament?


I was a previous Croydon Youth Councillor and from time to time I would do projects with them. I felt inspired to run as I had a lot of ideas. So I did.


Why did you want to become a member of Youth Parliament?


I wanted to be a member of Youth parliament as it is a great opportunity to make changes and have a bigger impact than I would have as a youth councillor.


So you get to go to the Houses of Commons, how do you feel about that?


I am very excited as it is a chance to represent young people and get their issues heard also I get to meet people like me who have the same drive to make a change.



What do you aspire to achieve as a member of Youth Parliament?


I aspire to get a wider variety of voices heard and to reduce the amount of bad publicity young people get in the media.


What advice do you give to aspiring members of Youth Parliament?


I would say work hard and do as much campaigning as possible. It is important to have a clear manifesto and goal and never work alone as no man is an island so try and get people to help you.

By Hannah


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