Global Warming

From recent research global warming is becoming more and more serious. Last night it was told that the Great Barrier Reef Is on urgent urge of survival. Scientists have said that in order to save The Great Barrier Reef we need to cut global warming because nothing else will protect the coral from the coming cycle of mass bleaching events. Scientists have also claimed that (by research) climate change could possibly cause humans to shrink? It is also said Global Warming caused mammals to shrink 54 million years ago and that it could have again if we don’t take action!

A study says the haze has lasted much longer because of the melting ice and increased snowfall and wind circulation patterns. If Arctic ice continues to shrink due to climate change, the scientists say similar events will likely recur. They argue that this could threaten the Beijing Winter Olympics set for 2022 which will cause a huge problem for any Olympians taking part.



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