Purley Pool Set To Close!!

Purley Pools Due to Close

On December 10th 2014 the Croydon Council announced plans to get rid of Purley Pool. since 2007 when the idea was first mentioned, the locals who use the pool were against it, and when the official statement came out, it caused them to start a petition to stop the closing of Purley Pool. Around 6000 people signed up to the event.

In the new year, it was said that the closing ‘may’ be postponed and on the 26th it was declared that it will remain open ‘until it can no longer be used’ after a talk between councillors  and petitioners. While it may be open, it requires an estimated £781000 for a range of urgent maintenance issues, which is part of the reason the government wanted to be rid of the ‘burden’. Council leader Tony Newman admitted, ‘The pool has almost reached the end of its life. However, we believe we can find a way to keep it open until that time comes’ This is looking good for petitioners, but nevertheless it has been clearly stated, if any more health and safety concerns arise, the pool will be closed as soon as possible.

By Matthew and Luke


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