Riddlesdown Ski Trip 2013

Year 10 Ski Trip 2013

Hotel Alp Masella

 During the half term holidays 34 students spent six days in Spain staying at the Hotel Alp Masella. What followed were 5 days of skiing, pinball and table football marathons, and fear of the mysterious floor, “-3”.

 Starting off the journey was a trip to  Heathrow airport in a coach, only to be disappointed at the total lack of a McDonalds in a British airport and astounded at how many WHSmiths can be fitted into a single airport terminal. From there we had a two hour flight to Barcelona airport (with a questionable complementary lunch by British Airways) followed by a coach journey to our hotel.

 Our first thoughts at the hotel were: who in the world makes a statue of a naked man with a hammerhead shark where his head should be? Second: Why does the pool look like someone started pouring the chlorine in, then decided it would be a good idea never to stop?

 The next day was our first day skiing, and probably the most exhausting day of the week. It was an enjoyable experience, but if you can get back from a 5 hour ski session and not feel any pain, you are either the Hulk or actually dead.

 Once we were back at the hotel, the activities didn’t stop. We took part in a variety of different and interesting activities, ranging from a bowling night to a disco, and possibly the world’s most awkward scavenger hunt (Who thinks it’s a good idea to get a teenage boy to dress up in a bra and walk around the hotel?)

 By the end of the week, we had all learned to ski a lot better and consumed more painkillers and bread rolls than the population of London. I think we can all agree that it was a fantastic experience, but Heathrow airport needs to get its act together and buy a Burger King. We would like to thank all the Staff who helped out on the trip for such a memorable time.

Pictures courtesy of Tim Edwards

 By Harry Stawman and Tom Gale


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