Guys And Dolls

Since September the production of guys and dolls has been in action. Guys and dolls is an amusing story set in the 1950’s and made into a film in 1955 of a gambler who has kept secrets from his partner and goes through twists and turns with his gang the ‘crapshooters’ …

Looking at the rehearsals I can say that the musical is well acted by the Riddlesdown students and very comical. Watch the video to see some stars in the making behind the scenes…..


The songs sung by the students were to an impeccable standard as they reached extremely high notes accompanied by fantastic choreography (Choreographed by Miss Creed and Mrs Gilly). The orchestra (lead by Miss Ward) played beautifully and really tied the whole performance together; it brought an uplifting spirit to the room when they played. Not to forget the tech crew who played an important role in the whole production as without them it we would be in trouble!

From what I’ve seen I give this production….


By Chanel and Jess



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