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It has recently emerged that the UK funding programme for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games has increased the budget for boxing to £13.8 million – An increase by 44.5% over the 2012 budget, which stood at £9.55 million.

It is possible that this points to a renewal in interest of the sport in the UK. I’ve been doing kickboxing for over a year now, and have done a few boxing sparring sessions, so I thought I would create a list of some basic sparring techniques for anyone who is interested in getting into the sport.

1: Keep your hands up. When you’re tired, just starting out or trying to throw a combination of punches, it can be way too easy to drop your hands. This is a bad idea, as it leaves your entire head wide open to a punch. Try and practice keeping one of your hands guarding your head whilst you punch with the other, as this will make you less vulnerable to a counter attack.

2: Manage your energy. If you throw all your punches at max power as soon as you start fighting, you will rapidly run out of energy. Not every punch needs to be thrown with maximum force, so throw some light, fast punches at your opponent to start off a combo, and then throw some heavier punches once you’ve created an opening.

3: Finish a combo by getting away from your opponent. Once you’ve finished a combo, Step away from your opponent. This will prevent your opponent from immediately throwing a combination of their own at you as soon as you finish your own, and will allow you a second or two to get your breath back whilst your opponent has to decide whether or not to go after you and then proceed to take their next action. If you have the energy, go on the offensive once more: It’s better for you to attack your opponent then let them pull off a combo on you.

I hope my small guide helps anyone out their interested in getting involved in the sport. In fact, going back to my original point, why don’t you discuss if you’d be interested in boxing being the next big sport at school. Instead of football, rugby or basketball, would you prefer boxing lessons? Let us know in the comments below.



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