Modupe visits Parliament

Friday 23rd November 2012

6:30 am : Today I am going to the House of Commons and I’m really excited. We’re going to debate five different topics the UKYP (United Kingdom Youth Parliament) should focus on for the next year, and it’s my first chance to meet other MYP’s like myself from all over the country.

8:45 : We’re on the train now and it’s a busy work day. We’re surrounded by loads of people going to work, which is making me even more excited since it’s hard to believe I got such an amazing opportunity.

9:45 :We’re at the House of Commons and it is very beautiful. I’ve never really been to London on a normal working day, but it’s so fascinating seeing the city life and all the stunning buildings. We’re waiting inside the Westminster Hall and it’s a bit chilly since the part of the building we are waiting in is extremely old.

10:00 :We’re talking to other MYP’s (Members of Youth Parliament) from the other boroughs and seeing what motivated them to get involved.

10:30 :We’re being let into the House of Commons Chamber where we shall be debating. Excited!!

12:45 :It’s lunch time and the debates have been really good so far. We’ve looked at Public Transport, Getting Ready for Work and equal Marriage rights for everyone. Everyone spoke with so much passion which made me a bit nervous but I plucked up the courage to stand up for equal Marriage rights for everyone, but unfortunately I didn’t get chosen as we ran out of time.

2:45 :It’s over now, it went so quickly. In the last half we debated an equal National Minimum Wage for all, and a curriculum to prepare us young people for life. I was really passionate to talk about the idea of a curriculum for life as I know it’s something people in Croydon are also passionate about but once again by the time I’d built up my courage we had ran out of time.

3:30: We’re on the train back and I had such an amazing experience. We were giving a free goody bag with lots of free things relating to politics. It’s weird how I’ve been waiting for it for such a long time but yet when it came down to it, the day just flew by but I know this day will remain with me for a very long time to come and maybe I’ll be back, next time not as MYP for Croydon but Prime Minister of the UK.


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