Lord Kakarr visits Riddlesdown Collegiate

On the 23rd November 2012, Lord Kakarr visited Riddlesdown Collegiate. The Lord gave a speech to some enthusiastic Year 11 and Sixth Formers about how the House of Lords worked and what life as a Lord was like; giving them an insight into the world of politics. The audience were then given the opportunity to ask their own questions and to express their opinions on current politics.





The school report team standing with Lord Kakarr

The BBC School Report team had a chance to interview Lord Kakarr before he gave his talk to the Sixth Formers. When asked about how his Lordship changed Lord Kakarr’s life, Kakarr said that it had been “a privilege to have the opportunity to be part of the parliamentary system”. He also told us that “to do it properly you have to work hard at it” and that one of the greatest things about having a Lordship is that you can “understand so much of the details that affect our country”.

Overall, the experience was very educational and gave everybody a much better understanding of how politics work. We hope that one day that more Lords and political figures can hold talks at Riddlesdown Collegiate to give us a further insight in the world we live in. We found Lord Kakarr to be a very inspiring man, and we will certainly look forward to hearing from him in the near future.






A selection of Sixth Formers who attended the meeting with Lord Kakarr and Mr Chamberlain

By Tom Gale & Louis Shah Ashworth


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